Erotic Female Statue Header Artwork

I grew up in an artistic family, taught to appreciate beauty, balance, harmony, proportions, in all aspects of my life. I have accomplished many artistic skills, furniture design and construction, small sculpture structures, geometric designs, interior design and decorating, residential and commercial design and construction, and my latest venture is creating a new series of erotic female figures and body part sculptures called "The Erotic Woman". I have been exploring and working on various aspects of this idea for 40 years and now, and have determined exactly what I want to do. I have completed my first 2 sculptures; a fantasy figure called "Womantaur" and a body part incorporated into an abstract sculpture called "The Perfect Pussy". I'm in the process of completing 5 more figures, more erotic and explicit, and have computer data of about 70 different poses to choose from for future figures.

-Peter Keresztury

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